Austin Alexander Burridge on the Ins and Outs of Finding the Perfect Personal Trainer

Finding a good personal trainer is an invaluable step in achieving any fitness goal. Not only is a personal trainer your number one resource for personal growth, but they also motivate you, help prevent injuries, and sometimes most importantly, give you someone to whom you have to be accountable. These are all crucial to working your way towards achieving fitness goals.

That being said, trying to find the best personal trainer, your perfect fit can seem very challenging and incredibly daunting. How do you find the right one for you? It can look like you’re awash in a sea of meatheads, drill sergeants, hippies, and more. Which personal trainer at your gym is best for you? How do you know if a personal trainer is going to be a good fit?

Austin Alexander Burridge is a professional personal trainer and an avid enthusiast of living a balanced life. Below, Mr. Burridge outlines steps to take to find the ideal personal trainer.

Be Honest With Yourself

You need to be honest with your goals. If you want to lose fifteen pounds in two months, you’re going to need someone who is never going to take it easy on you. You’re going to need someone willing to push their clients to sweat and grunt and work their butts off.

If you want to build up a solid base of strength and flexibility gradually but have an injury and need to take it easier than others in the gym you’re going to need an easier going personal trainer, who is comfortable taking things slow.

Are you a novice or a seasoned gym-goer? That will narrow your search as some personal trainers are better at teaching while others are better at pushing those who already know what they’re doing.

Whether you have a purely aesthetic goal, a strength goal, or a functional goal you need to be honest with your motivation for hitting the gym. Personal trainers tend to be understanding and flexible but if you’re not honest with yourself how can you expect to find a personal trainer that meets your expectations?

Make A List: Write Down The Characteristics You Want

Seriously, making lists are a widely overlooked aspect of decision making. Before you even start looking for a personal trainer make a list. Split your list into two categories: must-haves, and must-not-haves and then fill each column with things you want and don’t want. Maybe you were a high-school or college athlete and love having a loud voice to push you to be better. Maybe your last PT was such a screamer that you stopped going to the gym altogether. Put down those characteristics on a list. Think about what you want and do not want.

Some useful characteristics to consider:

.    aggressive

.    positive

.    friendly

.    serious

.    strong

.    flexible

.    laid-back

.    casual

.    formal

.    scientific

.    athletic

.    loud

.    quiet

.    cardiovascular

.    muscular

.    form-heavy

.    weight-heavy

There’s no set list of characteristics to consider but having a list and making a prototype of what kind of trainer you would feel most comfortable with will make your search easier.

Talk to Some People at your Gym  

If your gym has personal trainers available, or even if they don’t, odds are someone on the treadmill or bench next to you has some experience with a personal trainer. Talking to other people about their personal trainers and what kind of workouts they do will help you get a better gauge of what you want, and if their trainer might be a good fit for you.

Don’t Be Afraid To Try More than One Trainer

You should imagine every first session with a personal trainer as a trial. Don’t lock yourself into anything. The only way you can know if a PT is right for you is by having a session with him. You shouldn’t feel like this workout is your final decision. Personal trainers want the best for their clients, and if you’re not getting along well with a particular person, they will understand if a different style of training and guidance is right for you. Don’t be afraid to try more than one trainer before you decide who is right for you.


Finding a personal trainer can be stressful but if you are honest with yourself, make a list of exactly what you’re looking for, talk to some people you know and get recommendations, and aren’t afraid to try a couple of personal trainers you’ll find the best one for you. Before you know it, your personal trainer will be helping you reach all of your fitness goals.

About Austin Alexander Burridge:

Austin Alexander Burridge is a certified personal trainer and an avid enthusiast of living a balanced life with healthy eating habits and a well-rounded exercise regime. His passion for living a productive and active lifestyle has led Austin to volunteer his time in schools and recreation centers around South Carolina to educate young adults about the importance of regular exercise and wholesome nutrition. While he is not helping people become their best selves, Austin Alexander Burridge can be found hiking, biking, or kayaking along the Saluda River with his two dogs.