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A biography is a highlight of your professional background, competencies, and achievements.

It is an invaluable asset to your job search, and you need to get it right.

However, writing a biography about yourself can be quite a challenge. You don’t want to exaggerate but you can’t appear too modest either.

You can’t include every little detail, yet you want your biography to aptly reflect who you are, what you offer, and effectively “sell” you to your target audience.

A professional biography writing service can help you get the perfect balance of all these things.

Highly Experienced Team of Professional Biography Writers

Liftstrong has vast team of professional biography writers acknowledges the significance of the impression that is left by a powerful biography on the reader. We work our utmost to leave the same, if not better, impact on the reader. Our writers, who have a knack for biography writing, are dedicated to providing you the ideal connectivity with the reader through their professional biography writing services. Hiring a biography writer online may be risky, but with our extensive experience, you can entirely rely on us to write your biography with elegance and confidence. We ensure to transform your biography into a cherish-able piece for you and an amusing one for the reader.

Liftstrong Professional Biography Writers Will Add Value To Your Book

Our biography writers come from various fields and backgrounds and help struggling writers or other people create a well-written and thorough account of whoever they want to write about. They are genuinely curious about knowing your subject’s stories and have the skills and expertise to provide you with efficient service, build a reliable relationship, and effectively communicate with you one-on-one. We refer to primary sources like journals, documents, diaries, recordings, and other information about the subject of your biography that help us complete your story. We also refer to secondary sources such as magazines and documentaries to better understand the person.

Writing Process of Liftstrong

The biggest of all is our dedication to your autobiography which is about your life contents rather than mere words over paper. We firmly believe that your story will be best portrayed through the use of the emotion, understanding, and identity. Consequently, why Liftstrong whole team of professional authors is not only about the story; they represent the story. To make it a true invention of your inner world, we will dive into your stories, memories, and unlimited originality. Our collaborative efforts will provide a smooth process of writing autobiography with an active feedback mechanism and a thorough appreciation of your life story. Come, let our team in Liftsrong create a biography together with you that shall chronicle your life and bring it into a new life, leaving a mark in the heart of readers even after centuries have rolled over.


Initial Consultation

Let Me Be Introduced To You And Then To Your Story
At the first meeting, we try to get to know your story a bit better and identify the major theme you want to project in your life story. We offer a guide into autobiography writing by covering prominent writing topics such as important themes and events that have made up your life. We take this on as a challenge to give life to your story and any reader will be able to experience it as if it were their lifeline.


Assigned Project Manager

What makes an agency special and innovative is the necessity to have highly trained and enthusiastic staff who are always looking for new and original ways of providing the best service possible.
When you opt for our autobiography writing services, we task a manager to be your key person who will be available at any moment you need him/her. That tycoon of words, who comprehends the entire palette of writing autobiography, will be there to offer advice, support and overview to ensure a seamless and efficient cooperation.


Editing & Proofreading

The review and the revision of your biography by our skilled editors, however, might be meticulously done to ensure the highest quality. They take into account correcting shifts in the sentence to facilitate clarity, consistency, and cohesion of the text, while polishing grammar and syntax. In addition, our editor makes sure that there are no grammar mistakes or sentence incongruities so we have a manuscript that can proceed to the rest of the preparation


Design, Typesetting & Formatting

Turning in a Picture-Perfect Piece
Certainly we know that a good design is among the major factors that will make a good biography book. Our talented designers working together with you to get a beautiful book cover and layout that contains the presence of you and your story The autobiography we produce for you is artistically crafted to make it beautifully presented and visually appealing. meticulous typesetting and formatting, enhancing the overall reading experience.


Book Publishing, Branding & Marketing

Telling Your Real Life narrative to the Public When your biography is fully polished, we are fond of offering book publishing services that would make your story to be seen in the world. We possess the skills and knowledge in branding and marketing that will help in creating strategies, and this along with your biography book will be promoted in a way that will help you reach your audience. We help you craft and build your author brand. We also offer you advice on book distribution, creating online presence, and other kinds of promotions.

Thorough Research & Draft Outline

Our professional biography writers employ great expertise in doing in-depth research to dig up extra facts, historical contexts, and related information related to your biography. This careful research provides the cornerstone upon which to build a compelling and interesting personal history. As well we create an “outerline” consisting of important dates, achievements, and themes that you want to include in your autography.


Content Creation Based On Your Ideas

Imparting Your Story to Animate
Your story and the gathered findings stimulate the creation of an attractive biographic sketch done by educated professionals that we have at our disposal. They are the true builders of this narrative using your distinct voice, emotions and thoughts to craft an authentic and relatable autobiographical piece that readers will find appealing. This way we strive to make sure that you and your story are always at the center of our production experience.

Lifstrong Create A Biography That Imparts Wisdom

A biography is a chronological account of a person’s life written in a third-person perspective. Lifstrong creates a timeline of events and addresses the family history, key events, accomplishments, and turning points in a subject’s life that shape their perspective.

If you want to write a biography about a famous person to inform the general public or someone whose life story can impart wisdom to the readers, doing a thorough research and including all the key events effectively is important to do justice to the person and provide the readers with the value they expect.

But if you’re struggling with this, we’re here to help! Our biography writers will create a compelling biography about the subject of your book and refer to authentic sources to include all the important events in the person’s life.

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